Natalie H. Drum


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Professional Statement

My goal as an experienced professional journalist is to report on real and honest news for the greater good of humanity.

In my interpretation of journalism, I see that there is a duty to teach and inform those around us about the truth, in real and honest reporting. I have built upon this belief through my reporting and by asserting myself into any and all situations. I look at every angle when writing an article. I go beyond the resources allotted to me. Instead of screen conversations, I seek out my sources so that my words reflect the truth intended for my readers to digest. I am careful but conscious I am confident in my communication thus far.

In researching, writing and publishing articles, I have been able to see the struggles and successes of an institution. Through studying abroad in South Africa as a foreign correspondent I was able to work with real people in real situations in the field. I co-habituated with peers and connected with a network of multimedia journalists and fixers from around the world. A few months ago I attended a weekend long Collegiate Journalism conference in Louisville, KY attending workshops taught by professionals in the field of journalism.


Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia PA

English and Communication double major, Journalism minor

GPA: 3.5

Journalism Experience

The Hawk Newspaper

  • News Editor
  • Assistant News Editor
  • Staff Writer

My responsibilities include assigning coverage of on-campus and off-campus news events around the city, state, nation, and international affecting the areas around the Saint Joseph’s University community. Pitching, editing and proofreading all articles published in the News section; Coordinating schedules with all section editors and ensuring communication with contributing writers, staff writers and photographers.

Each of these leadership positions have given me the opportunity to work alongside a passionate and dedicated team of individuals like myself, producing exceptional content each and every week.Last summer I traveled to Johanessburg, South Africa as a foreign correspondent for The Hawk Newspaper. During my time in South Africa, I reported and published articles on various topics related to human rights.

Beautiful Social Research Collaborative

  • Consultant with Big Picture Philadelphia
  • Worked with community partner Big Picture Philadephia on a social media analysis and promotional video.

Administrative Assistant at Drum, Loyka and Associates, LLC

  • Implemented the transferring of files onto a MS Excel spreadsheet.
  • Wrote and distributed email, correspondence memos, letters, faxes and forms.
  • Arranged appointments with admin software.
  • Coordinated inventory orders, supplies, and travel arrangements.


  • Leadership
  • Copywriting
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Organization