My Semester One Reflections

Part 1: Writing in terms of coding

The processes of writing and coding a web page have challenged my traditional thought about writing by emphasizing the importance detail, structure and organization.

Traditionally, I have always written for print and besides social media platforms, only looked at/read online writing. Before now I truthfully did not think about what really goes into writing and coding a web page. My assumptions about coding were more perceived as IT and science based; used by software engineers and programmers only.

Coding is no easy task however staying on top of everything in an organized and neat fashion like practicing “clean-coding” only enhances my ability to learn further down the road. Traditionally, I did not see writing code as a group activity and frankly I kind of looked at it as a more reclusive solo task. I have been greatly surprised at the amount of collaboration and communication with others in and outside of class time there has been. Checking code and going over every detail reminds me of sending articles written for print, to copy. Attention to detail is immensely critical and can ultimately make certain elements not show up at all. This I saw to be a close comparison to writing for print because, for instance a comma can change the entire meaning of a sentence.

Writing in terms of coding deals with many structural components. Every code has universal structures that can be twisted and turned for personality and uniqueness. When writing for print there are only so many stylistic elements you can put into a single page and most of the time the text is what people will gravitate toward. I have found that while designing my webpage through .css, I really have to make an effort to incorporate my style elements so that they promote my text, instead of burying it in the background.

Part 2: Evaluation of my project and progress thus far

As of now, I have been successful in writing and coding my web page without major feelings of defeat. I have not given up and, while I do not really have that option because then I would fail the course, I feel that it is important to celebrate the little victories accomplished so that the big successes are more attainable.

Completing all of the assigned tasks and staying up to date on the minimum that has been asked of us for class, allows me to successfully complete the progress needed for the projects we work on in class. If I had more time, I would have really liked to of completed aspects of my resume.html that I had wanted to earlier, so that I could have more time to work on styling the page more. I would like to have reverted back to my resume.html page when my #statement and #resume were side by side however I cut it a little close and got bogged down with other work.

Furthermore, by efficiently cleaning up my code in Brackets, I would not have been confused when going back in to change around the various elements needed to change around what we discussed during my midterm conference.

In terms of what I would have changed if I had the skills, I am unsure because I am still unfamiliar with what a coded resume is “supposed” to look like. I also believe that I can acquire whatever skills I see fit to add into my resume and therefore will either communicate that with others around me in terms of asking for help or look it up myself.

In terms of my comfort level with coding, I think I stand right in the middle and in terms of design, I stand a bit above average. I think that my design ability and ideas are there however I need to work on boosting up my coding level so that I can more effectively execute my more complicated design ideas.