My Final Reflections

Part 1: Evaluation of site in terms of emotional and responsive design

Throughout this semester, we have learned the art of coding with a specific emphasis on emotional and responsive design techniques. Looking back at my design persona, I have changed some features to exhibit more emotional and responsive design techniques. For example, I have muted my color palette slightly and applied this color palette consistently throughout each page. This small detail completely changes my website, emulating a more relaxed and professional look. Changing my choice in font has also increased the legibility of the smaller text in my website, a crucial aspect to any website or writing, if you asking me!

My goal in terms of the “personality map” of my website was the balance the friendly and the professional. The purpose in using the color grey instead of black, spoke to this balance. The black color was too harsh in my navigation bar however I wanted something to offset the lighter pink color and making it into a more all-encompassing palette. These two colors give off the professional vibe without letting go of that young and friendly energy. The additional of my pdf linked portfolio and text resting beside it, “want your own pdf version?” speaks on the emotional engagement of my website. I wanted some fun elements to bring out a lighter side of things and this allows for activity while also showing my professional side in my resume.

My initial sketches for the design of my website were not completely different from what I have now. My sketches were inspired by a conglomerate of different blogs and design spaces that included long and short text articles. A goal for my website was to incorporate my written work in a way that was neither cluttered nor took away from the article itself. Another part of my sketch was that drew the navigation bar below my header and sub-header.

After researching around another website, I found it was much easier to have the navigation bar above everything. As you can see, this was incorporated into my final website. I also incorporated four of my written articles however, instead of a random assortment of article headers and front page photo collages, my articles are neatly placed in columns and rows. To make my website illicit a more emotional and responsive design, I would add in some borders to my floating elements. This allows them to look more like they are supposed to be there and less like it was an accident. Another element I would add would be my social media. I only have personal accounts, no professional accounts however creating one and linking that into my website would not only be another link for people to click on but also, it could engage and connect me to visitors of my site!

Part 2: Evaluate your progress from the first assignment to the end of the second

My progress from the first assignment of coding my resume to now, coding an entire website has been exponential in terms of what I have learned and been able to implement. While I found solace in the design of my resume after it was completed, designing my website has been a bit trickier, obviously due to the amount of coding necessary for five pages of a website. However, in doing so, I learned to take risks; sometimes reaping the rewards and other times not, but learning through both instances.

As web design nears an end, I do not see myself stopping all of the countless hours I have put into this website. Consistently updating my site with articles that I write or new ideas that I have in terms of the styling in CSS, will continue to remain a goal of mine as I finish up this course. One of the first things I will look to implement in my website is the creation of labeled albums by month and year. This will allow for my publications page and all the content in that page to have a home in an organized location. While taking both Digital Aesthetics and Advanced Design, I have been able to create a portfolio separate from my published articles. Either refining my “portfolio” page to be more specific in terms of the content or adding differing sections under the “portfolio” to include both my articles from The Hawk Newspaper as well as my various designs from previous classes. Another page I want to look more into expanding is my “About” page. This page should connect my viewers to various aspects of my life and be a compelling area for me to share not only my story but my interests at the time. The addition of photos, photo captions, maybe video and text, as well as a drop down once you hover over the “About” page that includes “My story”, “current obsession” and anything else that might be important to me.

Realistically, I would say I am in the middle. My standing in terms of how comfortable with coding and writing for the web varies with what I am tasked with accomplishing. My problem solving skills have been slow to develop however many of my mistakes are very minor and can be fixed by validating my CSS and HTML pages. I have honestly found coding to be a bit addicting in terms of putting something in and seeing it displayed correctly on the screen. I cannot see myself letting my portfolio go to waste now. If anyone were to tell me that at the beginning of coding our websites, I would not have believed them but I do believe that as rough as it was to get to this point, I learned so much that I am now able to use. This portfolio may be due on May 6th at 11pm, but I will continue to step out of my comfort zone so that in time I can be more comfortable.

For future classes, I would just say that you should never give up. I know that sounds so cliché but for this it is very much the truth. There are times where it feels so difficult and clean coding goes completely out the window but take a breather, press “tab” and start a new line of code.